Yoga Rhythms Retreats

Travel for your soul

The soul usually knows what to do to heal itself ... The challenge is to silence the mind.


not only the world changes but the entire cosmos, we are entering the era of consciousness of love and peace for which we encourage unconditional love for ourselves to reconnect with our essence, the love for our Mother. Pachamama land that gives life. We revalue the laws that were left by our ancestors - love (Munay), wisdom (Yachay), and giving (Llankay) - so we can live in balance, and harmony and avoid chaos in our body, mind, and life. The prophecies spoke about a new age when large changes would start to happen on the planet. "When there is a tear in the sky that causes the sun to shine and damage us, when the glaciers melt, when the climate changes and natural disasters come, and when the Condor is close to dying out, shall we walk down and share our spiritual tradition and wisdom with the world. It is time for the people from the West to wake up from a deep sleep. A new age has been born, and the modern human intellect and brain are now touched by the heat, heart, and soul of the Andes."

Our Events

This magical retreat will feature daily yoga practices with guitar music, healing ceremonies, and excursions. Featuring a visit to one of the Seven Wonders of The World - Machu Picchu. And an exquisite sunrise over Rainbow Mountain.
Yoga Rhythms Retreats is your sacred retreat of spiritual practice designed to enliven the body, stimulate the mind, express emotions and renew the spirit while discovering magical healing places around the world.. In our process of healing We help others heal.

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